Saturday, March 22, 2014

Money, Money, Money!!

After a few months off (!?) I've decided to start this back up again. I have been enjoying sharing my resources, tips, and ideas on Facebook. I have loved the conversations that social media has started but, sometimes, I just want to be a bit more verbose than FB will allow.

And so, I'm back.

As a quick reminder, I teach a self contained class of 10 3rd and 5th grade students this year. The range of abilities is wide and so almost every waking moment of our day most of our instruction is in small group. I did find a common gap in learning and understanding in my kiddos so this week we have ALL been working on coins and money!

Here are a few resources I have found that may help YOU when teaching about this topic in your classroom.

#1: The Money Song
This song is super quick and easy to learn, super addictive, and serves as a great brain break as well. My kids' faces light up when we play and sing along to this song. For some of my 3rd graders who are working on coin names it's a fun way to see and say the names of the coins. For others it's a quick and easy way to remember some of the more common coin combinations.

#2: An Anchor Chart

We started out on a hundreds chart but eventually moved to this chart where we could practice "Counting by Coins". We do still spend time on the hundreds chart especially to practice "counting by dimes" starting at numbers like 25. The kids love getting to be the teacher and pointing to the chart as the class practices together!

#3 Math Stations
So I won a joke contest last week. Teacher by the Beach (formerly the Teacher's Cauldron) was looking for kid friendly jokes on Facebook. I have a go to favorite so I submitted and won!

What do nosy peppers do?
They get ja-la-pen-io business!

So, so funny :) Anyways, she offered to send me any item from her store. WOW! Super generous :) Since we were going into money I picked her "Learning With Money" pack. My kids are now, at the end of the week, at a place where they can use some of the games. They are loving them so far!
Learning with Money: Working with CoinsLearning With Money

That's about it so far. Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flash Freebie!

I have finished my latest word work pack and wanted to offer it free for the next hour! This Facebook Frenzy has me in a particularly giving mood :)

Click the picture to grab your freebie!

This pack follows the same pattern as the other word work packs I have been giving out as flash freebies over the past few months. 

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Not Here Today!

I'm not here today... but I can be found over at Teaching Maddeness as a part of the Budding Blogger Showcase!

And if you are here FROM Teaching Maddeness, let the web rambling continue and head over to my Facebook page (link at top) for the Facebook Frenzy. There are TONS of freebies available this weekend only! There is even a clip art Frenzy loop this time around. Free clip art? Yes, please! I am a part of the 3rd grade loop.

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